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Between Bayrou and the government, disagreements in the majority on the issue of compulsory vaccination

Faced with the fifth wave, faced with the Omicron variant, should we go as far as compulsory vaccination? In Germany, the idea is gaining ground, the new Chancellor Olaf Scholz having spoken in favor of this obligation. On Tuesday, the President of the European Commission Ursula Van Der Leyen also put the subject on the table: ” It requires a common approach but I think it is a discussion which must take place “, she declared. , while specifying that this was a personal position, and not a position taken as President of the Commission.

Bayrou does not say out loud what Emmanuel Macron is thinking in a whisper”

In France, the Socialist Party has been calling for this obligation for a long time, and within the majority, François Bayrou also wishes it: ” I still met people yesterday who told me ‘me, I will get vaccinated the day it will be. compulsory ‘, as if they wanted to wait for the authorities to assume their responsibilities, “said the former minister, who reiterated that he had been in favor of compulsory vaccination since January.

This debate does not need to be ” assures a minister. ” François Bayrou does not say aloud what Emmanuel Macron thinks softly ” adds an adviser to the executive. ” This is a very personal initiative ” quickly dispatched by the government spokesperson on Wednesday leaving the Council of Ministers. Gabriel Attal recalls that Germany or Austria do not have a health pass: ” These are countries which very often did not put in place measures that we took very early to have a maximum incentive for vaccination . We remain faithful to this strategy which has paid off . “

The effectiveness of the obligation in question

In France, 52 million first doses have been injected. ” The added value of compulsory vaccination does not appear to me to be great ” adds a minister. ” Going to find the last irrational kids would pose public order problems, controversy, ” he adds. The president of the Scientific Council, Jean-François Delfraissy added a layer, this Wednesday morning, in the law committee at the National Assembly: